Dancing the Charleston

Publisher: Doubleday


Mona lives in a little cottage on the edge of the grand Somerset Estate with her aunt, a dressmaker. Her days are spent whiling away the time at school, visiting her mother's grave and eating bread and dripping with her best friend Maggie – but is all that about to change?

When Lady Somerset dies and a new member of her family inherits the house, Mona is suddenly moving in very different circles – going on glamorous trips to London, attending balls, and meeting bohemian new friends (who raise a few eyebrows in the village).

But while she's entering an exciting new world, she may find it difficult to leave her past behind...

Dancing the Charleston is another triumph from Dame Jacqueline Wilson, whose delicious descriptions will transport you right back to the 1920s; you'll practically be able to taste the mouth-watering food, while events like Mona's first trip to Harrods and the grand London Exhibition come to life vividly as you read.

But at the heart of the story are family and friendship, as Mona struggles with the changes taking place in her life and begins to uncover some astonishing secrets.

A charming coming-of-age tale full of Dame Jacqueline's trademark insight and humour - and a couple of surprises, too.

Dame Jacqueline Wilson on writing Dancing the Charleston

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