Time to Read

There’s no present like time

We want you to read more with your child. And not just the younger children – but the older ones, too.


Why? Because brilliant things happen when families read together.


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Research shows that a child who reads for fun will do better at school, even in subjects like maths. 


Not only that, but you will also benefit from an incredibly bonding experience – forming precious family memories, long after the book is put down.


So could you find just ten minutes a day to share a story with your child?


Get involved

  • Discover loads of tips and reading suggestions through our booklists and other Time to Read news and blogs
  • Read some of the speech from Michael Morpurgo at our Time to Read lecture
  • Look out for a fun, free book for every Reception-age child in England, this September – Kitchen Disco
  • Chat to us on Facebook and Twitter about #TimeToRead: why reading to your children is important and pleasurable, which books you're reading together right now, and how you're fitting it around a busy routine of work, school, housework and homework
  • If you're a school, read how we can support you to cheer on Time to Read (formerly Booktime)


Here's why our Patron, Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall, is making #TimeToRead:

My father inspired me, at a very early age, to love books. He read to us every night and transported us into a magical, fantasy world.

As a result, I wanted to pass on that passion to my own children – and to my grandchildren.

Making time to read with our children is such a wonderful way of ensuring they enjoy reading themselves; opening up so many more opportunities for their all-important futures.

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