The Write Book teacher toolkit

Girl shows her project work for The Write Book
Inspiring writing in the classroom

The Write Book enables primary teachers to create inspiring writing projects for children, based on brilliant books.

Find out how to:

Engage reluctant readers and writers

Inspire EAL children to write creatively

Involve families in learning

Get ideas for writing projects in outside and community spaces

'There have been huge improvements in children's attainment levels in descriptive writing. Since doing this project, 54 per cent of the children in our classes have gone up by 2 or more sub-levels in their reading attainment. Attitudes, particularly amongst the boys, have improved immensely towards writing in general and this was reflected in their attainment levels at the end of the school year. Every child across the year group has improved by at least one sub level, with 67 per cent improving by 2 or more sub-levels.' Year 5 Teacher

What is the Write Book approach to writing?

Find out about the aims of The Write Book project and the outcomes for pupils, teachers and schools.

How to run The Write Book in your school

From choosing the book to planning your project. Find out how to get the most out of The Write Book in your school.

Comic Jam with Sarah McIntyre

Learn how to draw a sea monkey and create your own comics. Then join in singing the sea monkey's sea shanty!

Rewriting Fairy Tales with Tony Bradman

Try this fun writing workshop rewriting a fairytale from the point of view of one of the other characters in the story. You might be suprised how different the story can be...

Books as Inspiration

Laura Dockrill, talks about how her favourite books from childhood - The Lorax, Where The Wild Things Are, The BFG and Peter Pan - have inspired her writing.

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  • Tony Bradman 2
  • Laura Dockrill 3

The Writers' Book

Exclusive writing workshops from six contemporary children's authors.

Case studies

These fabulous and fun school projects will give you some great ideas. What's The Write Book for your school?

What we found

The Write Book Final Evaluation March 2015 found that using 'books as hooks' encourages creative learning and helps embed reading and writing for pleasure deep into the curriculum.

Personalised writing tool

Use our personalised writing tool to engage individual children in writing

The Book Trust Bookfinder

Find great books to inspire writing with The Book Trust Bookfinder

Writers in schools

Bringing a writer, poet, illustrator or storyteller into your school is a great way to inspire children and bring reading to life.

Updates for schools

Updates for schools

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