Read for My School 2016

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Read for My School challenges children in Years 3-8 attending primary and secondary schools in England to read as many books as they can across the spring term. Prizes are available for pupils and for schools taking part in the competition.


Competition - Roald Dahl giveaway


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Read for My School 2016 is now open! Start reading!


Students can now start reading any books they like as part of this year's competition. Participating schools can also access over 100 free books on the Read for My School website.


Teachers can still register for the competition.


Register now!


About Read for My School


The competition is to:

  • Challenge readers to read as much as they can; read different types of books and explore new and unfamiliar genres and authors; choose their own books and get talking to others about what they've read.
  • Carry on reading.  Keep pupils reading long after the competition ends and encourage them, families, teachers and schools to use BookTrust's website, resources and range of programmes to carry on enjoying books and reading for pleasure.

The competitive element of the programme is designed to:


  • be fun and motivate children of all abilities, with a variety of interests, to read for pleasure.
  • give children the opportunity to read their way to rewards for themselves and their schools.


Children reading at the RfMS launch event


The Prizes


The competition element of Read for My School is split into two areas:


  • Prizes for schools
  • Prizes for students


Prizes for schools


Schools can win by increasing the average number of books read per pupil over the competition. There are three levels to aim for:


  • Bronze (average of 3 books read per pupil)
  • Silver (average of 6 books read per pupil)
  • Gold (average of 9 books read per pupil)


Teachers can monitor their reading group average on the homepage dashboard on the Read for My School website to see how your group is doing.


Schools that reach the Bronze and Silver level can download their respective certificates


Schools that qualify for the Gold level will be entered into our prize draw to win Pearson Education vouchers worth £500-£1000 and receive a VIP invite to our awards ceremony in London!


Every book counts: ensure your students log every book they read onto the website to increase your total average books read per pupil


Prizes for students


Teachers can nominate their reading legends by filling in the google form on the website. Reading legends should be nominated under one of the following four categories:


  • Pioneers: pupils who have been pioneers for the competition by encouraging others to read.
  • Voyagers: pupils who were less interested in reading before but through the competition have been on a reading journey and have started to enjoy reading for pleasure.
  • Conquerors: pupils who have always enjoyed reading but achieved above and beyond what was expected during the competition.
  • Explorers: pupils who have made a particular effort to choose their own books, exploring new genres and authors.


All nominations will be reviewed by our judging panel, and you can download our judging criteria from the website. Prizes will be awarded to 12 pupils, according to the following prize structure


  • Y3&4: 1x Pioneer, 1x Voyager, 1x Conqueror, 1x Explorer
  • Y5&6: 1x Pioneer, 1x Voyager, 1x Conqueror, 1x Explorer
  • Y7&8: 1x Pioneer, 1x Voyager, 1x Conqueror, 1x Explorer


Visit the Read for My School website


Read about the 2016 Read for My School launch event