Everybody Writes

Everybody Writes

Everybody Writes was a four-year writing project managed in partnership by Book Trust and the National Literacy Trust, and funded by the Department for Education, up until March 2011.


Everybody Writes provided teachers with innovative ideas and practical resources to help them run projects to get children in primary and secondary schools excited about writing. The key principles of Everybody Writes were:


  • Finding ways to take writing beyond the classroom
  • Providing students with exciting stimuli for writing based on their experiences and interests
  • Establishing real audiences for children's writing
  • Writing across the curriculum


An Everybody Writes project could involve staging an alien spaceship crash landing in the playground

to trigger a whole school newspaper writing project; creating a school recipe book for vegetables grown on the school allotment; developing a school radio station broadcasting children’s writing to parents; or running a science writing project where students explore creative explanations for strange phenomena.


The University of Sheffield, which evaluated the project independently, said: ‘Everybody Writes has been outstandingly successful in meeting its objectives. A wide range of innovative and creative work has taken place in schools which has impacted on pupil engagement and achievement and teachers’ subject and pedagogical content knowledge.’


Although the project has now come to an end, Everybody Writes resources including tools, case studies and videos remain available, and we hope that teachers, schools and local authorities will continue to use the Everybody Writes approach to make writing enjoyable and relevant for young people.


Everybody Writes brochures for primary schools, secondary schools and local authorities are still available free in hard copy format whilst stocks last: email education@booktrust.org.uk if you would like to place an order.

Everybody Writes' guides

Download the Everybody Writes' guides for Primary and Secondary schools for all the information you need to develop exciting writing projects using the Everybody Writes principles in your school.

Planning a writing project

Follow some simple steps to begin planning an Everybody Writes' project, be it a short-term project for one class, a more ambitious project for the whole school, or even an Everybody Writes Day when you collapse the curriculum to celebrate writing.

Everybody Writes' Case Studies

Download Everybody Writes' case studies to find out about a wide range of school-led writing projects from across the country, which we recommend as examples of good practice.

Writing games

Our guest writers offer up a variety of fun quick-fire writing games and warm-up activities to get your class excited about writing.

Is your school a writing school?

Use our audit tool to identify the strategies which are already in place to support writing in your school and to set new targets - or create individual writing profiles for your students

Everybody Writes for Local Authorities

Find out how to introduce Everybody Writes across your local authority to improve attitudes towards writing and attainment in writing.

Find Everybody Writes' resources

Browse all our Everybody Writes' resources to help you inspire and enthuse pupils about writing, including useful tools for teachers, short films and much more.