Book Trust Children's Book Week

illustration of children sitting around a book
Illustration by Shirin Adl

Book Trust has been running Children's Book Week in the UK for over 80 years. Join us from 6 to 12 July to celebrate reading and share the joy of books with children and young people.

This year we celebrate Children's Book Week between 6 to 12 July (please take note that in previous years it has traditionally run in October). Every year we are joined by schools, libraries, children and their parents to celebrate books and reading for pleasure.


Each year, Book Trust makes available a range of Children's Book Week resources for teachers and librarians, including fun activity ideas and book recommendations to help schools and libraries to plan their own celebrations of reading for pleasure.


Book Trust Children's Book Week is the best time for parents, teachers and librarians to hear about the best new children's books, to introduce children to new stories and old favourites, and for everyone to remember the joy of reading.


Children's Book Week on social media

Follow @Booktrust on Twitter. You can also use #childrensbookweek to tune in to what is going on for Children's Book Week.

Please contact for further information.

Best Book Guide 2014

We've collected the best books from the past  year in this handy guide that recommends the best books in the following categories: 0-5 years; 6-8 years; 9-11 years; 12-14 years; 14 years and over.

Book Trust's 100 Best Books

This is our list of the 100 best children's books from the past 100 years: the ultimate list of the 100 books to read before you're 14. The list is split into the 25 best books for ages 0-5; 6-8; 9-11; and 12-14.