The BookTrust Lifetime Achievement Award 2017

Latest update 'Raymond Briggs receives the BookTrust Lifetime Achievement Award 2017'

Raymond Briggs, the iconic children’s author and illustrator, has been awarded the prestigious BookTrust Lifetime Achievement Award.

Raymond Briggs' most noted works include the classic Christmas tales The Snowman and Father Christmas, as well as Fungus the Bogeyman, Ug, The Bear, When the Wind Blows, Gentleman Jim and Ethel and Ernest.


Born in 1934 to dad Ernest, a milkman, and Ethel, a former lady's maid-turned-housewife, Briggs showed interest in cartooning from an early age and attended various art schools. He briefly pursued painting before becoming a professional illustrator, winning several awards throughout his extended career, including the 1966 and 1973 Kate Greenaway Medals from the British Library Association, the Horn Book Award in 1979 and the British Book Award in 1993 and 1999.


Briggs, who has become synonymous with Christmas, said:

It's lovely to be given an award for all my life achievements. Drawing, telling stories and sharing these adventures is something I've always been passionate about. Being awarded the BookTrust Lifetime Achievement Award is an incredible honour and I'm so glad I've been able to make such an impression on people.

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About the The BookTrust Lifetime Achievement Award 2017

The BookTrust Lifetime Achievement Award is given to a children's writer or illustrator whose body of work, in the opinion of the panel of judges, merits recognition for a lifetime's achievement in children's literature. It is a separate recognition to the Children's Laureate in that it is purely celebratory and is not attached to any wider purpose of promoting children's literature. BookTrust intends it to be awarded to a person who is not likely to become Children's Laureate in the future.



The Award recognises children's writers and illustrators who are citizens or permanent residents of the United Kingdom. It is open to writers and illustrators working across all disciplines of children's literature, including but not limited to fiction writers, non-fiction writers, illustrators, graphic novelists and poets.


The Award can only be awarded to a living writer or illustrator and it cannot be awarded twice to the same person. Former Children's Laureates are not eligible for the Award.


There are no set criteria for eligibility, only the requirement that the writer has produced a substantial body of work that has make an outstanding contribution to children's books. The following attributes may be considered by the judges:


  • A substantial body of writing and/or illustration over a number of years
  • Consistent quality, and a significant contribution to excellence in the field of children's books
  • A significant contribution to the creation of a generation of readers, writers and illustrators
  • The ability to work across a range of forms and mediums, and to engage children of different ages
  • Formal innovation - an eagerness to explore and experiment with ideas, genres and the possibilities of their craft
  • International recognition