Jessica's Ghost

by Andrew Norris

Reading Age: 12+

Interest level: 12+

by Andrew Norris

Francis doesn't have many friends. But one day Jessica sits down next to him. Jessica is a ghost, and Francis is the first person who has actually seen her since she died. Neither have anyone else to talk to, so immediately become best friends. Not long after they meet Andi, and she can see Jessica too. Then they meet Ronald, who can also see Jessica. They soon try to work out why the three of them can only see Jessica, as well as determining how Jessica died and why she is still here.


Instead of a typical ghost story, this is a beautiful tale of friendship, as Jessica brings together three teens who wouldn't have ever spoken to each other. The book deals with serious issues while retaining a light tone. Endorsed by Amnesty UK, this is the perfect book to open up discussion around mental health in the young. 


Publisher: David Fickling Books

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Average rating: 5/5

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There is no one named Quentin in the book. It is Roland.

Rating: 5 star
10 May 2017

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Average rating: 5/5