The Sign of One

by Eugene Lambert

Reading Age: 14+

Interest level: 14+

by Eugene Lambert

Kyle lives on Wrath, a dump of a planet in the Barrenlands, way out in the middle of nowhere. Life is hard, but it's a lot harder if you're a 'twist': one of a set of identical twins that has superior strength, endurance and healing powers.

Twists are regularly executed at the annual Peace Fairs, with the other 'normal' twin marked for life by the removal of their little finger.


As Kyle learns about his real identity, he flees Wrath with the help of Sky, a rebel pilot with links to the Resistance. But Kyle can't escape who he is - and it will take all his strength to survive the horrifying truth.


A thrilling YA sci-fi adventure reminiscent of Hunger Games and Star Wars, The Sign of One is a fantastic page-turner with great characters in Kyle and Sky. There are violent scenes, so this would be most appropriate for an older teen audience.


Publisher: Electric Monkey

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