We Are All Made of Molecules

by Susin Nielsen

Reading Age: 12+

Interest level: 12+

by Susin Nielsen

Stewart loves maths and doing Lego without instructions. He loves his family: himself, mum, dad. They're an equilateral triangle - although, ideally, a sister would square the triangle.


Then his Mum dies. Their triangle collapses.


Ashley loves clothes, reality TV. She dreams about conquering school's social ladder and dating gorgeous Jared. No-one can know her parents divorced because her dad's gay.


Nor can they know that a freakazoid like Stewart is now her brother after their parents get together. They become uneasy, mismatched siblings. Stewart later discovers Jared intends Ashley harm - what should he do?


Intellectually high-functioning, socially floundering Stewart; socially superior, painfully insecure Ashley. Their utterly distinctive and compelling voices alternate as they negotiate painful, difficult relationships in this intelligent, moving novel about two imploded families forging themselves a new shape.


Publisher: Andersen Press

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