Where Bear?

by Sophie Henn

Reading Age: 5+

Interest level: 2+

by Sophie Henn

When a little boy's pet polar bear grows up, he's too big for the house, and has to be found a new home. But where? In her debut picture book Sophy Henn arrives at the perfect answer - in the snowy lands of the Arctic - after investigating the kind of places which a very young reader might offer as a solution.


So, in the simplest of images and text, set against a variety of single colour spreads, the boy and his bear look at possible homes where bears of different sorts might be found: a toy shop, a zoo, a circus, a forest, a cave and a jungle before they go home, and the fridge gives the boy the best idea.


Publisher: Puffin

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Average rating: 4/5

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This book is a great simple story that can run alongside a 'habitat's topic as the story investigates where the bear might live. It also leads on for some imaginative writing by ending with the idea that the boy and bear go on holiday. I used this book with kS2 students with SEN working at a p8-2c level.

Rating: 4 star
A Millington
6 June 2015

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Average rating: 4/5