Flat Stanley


Jeff Brown

Illustrated by Scott Nash

Reading Age: 7+

Interest level: 5+


Jeff Brown

Illustrated by Scott Nash

Stanley Lambchop wakes up one morning to find a notice-board has dropped on him in the night, leaving him happy and healthy, but only half an inch thick. It's a little unusual, but he finds he can fly like a kite, be sent on holiday through the post and can use his special skills to foil a burglary at the local art gallery. Still, he's glad when his brother Arthur has a bright idea to help bring him back to his normal shape.


This inventive story is full of wit and humour, and is sure to intrigue young readers. Originally published in 1964, Jeff Brown's ingenious tale has since become a well-established favourite both in the classroom and at home.


Publisher: Egmont
Average rating: 3/5

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I love this book, it is the best

Rating: 5 star
bexley vicarage road
23 August 2016

I like this story because it has a really good story line and it has really good pictures

27 July 2016

sounds interesting, I'd like to read it.

27 January 2016


Rating: 5 star
20 October 2015

Very interesting character

Rating: 5 star
6 October 2015

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Average rating: 3/5