Melric the Magician Who Lost His Magic

by David McKee

Reading Age: 6+

Interest level: 3+

by David McKee

Melric, the King’s magician, uses his magic to help everyone in the kingdom with everything from watering their plants to growing their beards. But one day he wakes up to find his powers have disappeared! Melric sets off to get help from his magical friends, but to save his kingdom from attack he must use to learn his powers more wisely - and those around him must learn to rely on themselves, starting with making their own beds.

This fun, thoughtful story is perfect for sharing. Children will enjoy meeting Melric’s extraordinary friends and seeing all the silly ways the townsfolk try and look after themselves. This story could also provide a great way to introduce the topic of independence with younger children.


Publisher: Andersen Press

About the author

  • David McKee

    David McKee was born and brought up in South Devon, where he went from grammar school to Plymouth Art College. Whilst still at college he started selling one-off cartoons to newspapers and on graduation, he began to contribute to such publications as Punch, the Times Education Supplement and Reader's Digest. His first book, Two Can Toucan, was published in 1964 and since then he has written and illustrated numerous children's books.

    David McKee
    David McKee

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