Gods Without Men

by Hari Kunzru

by Hari Kunzru

Hari Kunzru is now four books into a decade-long career and showing no signs of fatigue. Gods Without Men is as gloriously bizarre as his debut and as politically paradoxical as his last. After novels spanning India, the British Empire and an insular commune, he brings us to the Mojave desert - the scene for many a weird and wild happening.


The book brings together a series of narrative strands that build to a conclusion that is both bittersweet and weird and wonderful all at once: an arguing couple become the subject of a media witch hunt when their autistic child disappears; a British rockstar is holed up in a motel with his life on hold; an Iraqi refugee plays an 'Iraqi refugee' in army drills; a former member of an extra-terrestrial cult keeps the demons/visitations/transcendental hallucinations at bay.


Everything comes back to The Pinnacles, a desert outpost created by the leader of the extraterrestrial cult after the second World War.


Everyone searches for a pattern in the chaos. Everyone searches for the one thing that will pull their life together. Everyone experiences a life-affirming change in the strange desert where strange things happen. This is both compelling and magic and once again proves Kunzru is one of this country's finest.


Publisher: Hamish Hamilton

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