Not now, Bernard

by David McKee

Reading Age: 4+

Interest level: 3+

by David McKee

This is the classic story of Bernard, whose distracted parents fail to notice he has been eaten and replaced by a monster. We follow Bernard as he does his best to attract his mum and dad's attention to the monster in the garden who wants to eat him - only to hear the repeated refrain of 'Not now, Bernard.'


Short, pithy and without a page wasted, this is a wonderful picture book. McKee deals with a sad theme in a clever and funny way, which will resonate with both adults and children.



Publisher: Andersen

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Average rating: 5/5

What you thought

my son was obsessed with this book as a small child, soon to be 21, and his 21st birthday is based around this book... fabulous little story

Rating: 5 star
29 January 2015

It is a scary story.

Rating: 5 star
Elwin Emmanuel
Northside primary school
13 November 2013

It tells a fantastic story in a simple but effective way

Rating: 5 star
13 November 2013

A useful guide as to how not to parent. Its kind of funny, kind of scary and a little bit sad. An incredibly effective and yet simple story.

Rating: 5 star
Rachael Smithdale
10 October 2013

A perennial favourite, what parent hasn't said "not now, Bernard" but beware, there might be a Monster lurking there....!

Rating: 5 star
Lisa Bostock
7 October 2013

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