Even the Dogs

by Jon McGregor

by Jon McGregor

The new book from acclaimed author Jon McGregor is nothing short of intense. Filled with hope and fury, it is a poetic meditation on the lives and deaths of those who have fallen through the cracks, those who live in the fringes and extremes of society, those we ignore. Dense and rich with broken language, the book is a tour de force of squalor.

In the dead space between Christmas and New Years, a man's body is found in an abandoned flat. His friends look on as his body is investigated, processed and removed from the scene by the authorities. His friends are ghosts, watching over him, because who else will remember him, his passions, his life, his loves, his loss- and as his phantom friends watch over him, the book moves between their fractured lives, a chorus of pain and love and obsession all overshadowed by the murky omniscience of addiction. As the drugs wreak havoc in their lives, the ghostly characters lose contact with the wider world and become shadows and ghosts in their corners of the estates and streets and city, all watching over each other, all looking out for themselves.

Even the Dogs is an intimate exploration of life at the edges of society, life overwrought with love, loss, despair, and the faint glimmer of redemption.


Publisher: Bloomsbury
Average rating: 5/5

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8 September 2016

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