The Atheist's Guide to Christmas

by Ariane Sherine

by Ariane Sherine

42 atheist celebrities, comedians, scientists and writers give their funny and serious tips for enjoying the Christmas season. Last year, Guardian journalist Ariane Sherine launched the Atheist Bus Campaign and ended up raising over GBP150,000, enough to place the advert 'There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life' on 800 UK buses in January 2009. Now Ariane and dozens of other atheist writers, comedians and scientists are joining together to raise money for a very different cause.

Featuring resident God-botherer Richard Dawkins, bad science-debunker Dr Ben Goldacre and Simon Sharma, there is weight to the topics which range from whacky attitudes to AIDS medicines in South Africa to Dawkins' hilarious and slightly off-kilter tail of a Victorian gentleman's club debate about our very existence. Comedian-wise we veer between the surly and sardonic Charlie Brooker and the wonderful and whimsical Josie Long, from intelligent and hyper-funny Robin Ince to deceptively puerile Richard Herring, who tells a tail of a cat watching him on the toilet. Josie Long provides us with secular party games. There's talk of an atheist Christmas miracle as well as a guide to the best Christmas pop hits.

It's not particularly snarky about religion, instead remaining pragmatic and full of fun. The laughs are thick and fast and it's all for a worthy cause with the proceeds going to the Terence Higgins Trust. Editor Ariane Sherine has assembled a strong coterie of comedians, scientists and writers and there is a genuine party atmosphere in the pages. Have a very merry 25 December 2009.


Publisher: Friday Project

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