Coram Boy

by Jamila Gavin

Reading Age: 12+

Interest level: 12+

by Jamila Gavin

Coram Boy is the story of Toby, saved from an African ship as a child, and Aaron, the illegitimate son of the heir to a great estate. The two boys' lives are linked by the Coram Man, a shady figure who collects abandoned and unwanted children from across the country, supposedly to deliver them to a safe new life at the Coram Hospital in London. In reality, however, the unscrupulous man sells the unfortunate children into slavery, or 'disposes' of them if they are of no use to him. Soon, Toby and Aaron find themselves bound together in an epic journey, fraught with danger and excitement.


Rich with historical detail, this enthralling, moving and sometimes deeply distressing read provides an important and thought-provoking insight into 1750s society. Packing a powerful punch, it is a tense tale full of twists and turns, and was a deserving winner of the Whitbread Children's Book Award.


Publisher: Egmont

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Average rating: 3/5

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Rating: 5 star
Hong Kong
24 November 2016

It was a great book however I fervently believe that the book should be much less complicated as it is only a children's book and it has many twists and turns which could have been avoided therefore making it easier for children to understand.

Rating: 3 star
Not worth four stars as it is hard to understand
2 November 2016

Good book that teaches you about life, but a bit boring.

Rating: 3 star
29 September 2016

Love this book

Rating: 5 star
25 May 2016

It was a good book and explains the dangers of living in a time like that

Rating: 5 star
30 January 2016

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Average rating: 3/5