Writing tips for teens

In this section you'll find the best writing tips, illustrated with examples from some of the most popular books for teenagers and young adults! Look out for:


  • Tips on writing fiction (and how to create great characters, an exciting plot, believable dialogure and including diversity)
  • Next steps: what to do when you've finished your first draft or want get published.
  • Fan fiction (tips, ideas to get started with, a glossary of terms, and a list of useful links around the web)
  • Writers on writing
  • Everything you need to know about short stories

Writing fiction

Everything you need to know about creating great characters, crafting a plot, including diversity and how to write realistic dialogue.

Next steps

Here are our tips for taking your writing to the next level: find out how to edit your first draft, what agents do and how to go about getting published.

Fan fiction

Discover how to start writing fan fiction, where to go on the web, a glossary of terms, and more!

Writers' writing tips

Writers have lots of tips about how to start writing, improve your writing and much more.

Write your own book review

Author Luisa Plaja shares her top tips on writing reviews.