Examples of how to read with your child

Watch the videos below to see some examples of how you can read with your child:

Reading a picture book


Reading with finger puppets

Reading with an iPad


Reading with a group of children


For more examples of how to tell stories, check out our storytelling playlist on YouTube


Why families should make Time to Read

Time to Read

Time to Read

We want you to read more with your child – yes, even the older ones. Why? Because brilliant things happen when families read together.


All about the Time to Read campaign

Research shows the value of reading

Books to share with older children

Bedtime routines for babies

Bedtime routines for babies

Bath, Book, Bed is a bedtime routine that can help your child sleep for longer. Research shows that a book-based bedtime routines can help your little one sleep better. 


How to get your newborn to sleep

How to get your baby to sleep

How to get your toddler to sleep

Encouraging older children to read

With so many other activities competing for children’s time, how can you encourage older child to keep reading for pleasure?

Tips for sharing books with children under 4

Even tiny babies enjoy stories and rhymes. Sharing books with babies and toddlers is a great way to help them learn about their world, and talking about the pictures will help your child begin to talk.