Bookmark: Books and Disability

Looking for information on disability and children's books? Bookmark is for you - with loads of advice and book recommendations from parents, young people, teachers and more.

For more information about Bookmark, contact BookTrust's disability consultant Alexandra Strick. 


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Bookmark Book of the Month

May's Book of the Month is Car Wash Wish by Sita Brahmachari: 14-year-old Hudson has Asperger's Syndrome, and knows his brain works differently.

Dwarfism, dyslexia and discovering the world through books

Alex Strick talks to Amber Lee Dodd, whose debut novel We Are Giants is published this month.

Down syndrome in children's books

Children's books with characters who have Down syndrome, either as protagonists or simply included naturally in the images.

What's the Story?

What's the Story is a unique web resource giving young disabled people a voice on disability, inclusion and children's books, and providing useful guidance for teachers, authors, illustrators and publishers

Bookmark articles and resources

Read Bookmark articles and discover Bookmark resources.

Useful organisations

Find out more about disability and other useful organisations.