Bath, Book, Bed 2017: Best Bedtime Books

Sweet dreams start with a simple routine - Bath, Book, Bed.

But if you need some advice about which stories will send your little ones happily off into the land of nod, you've come to the right place - we've picked out ten brilliant books that will have you cuddling up and dreaming big.


So choose a book, get all snuggly under the covers, and enjoy spending that all-important time together as you say goodnight.

  • Quiet!

    by Kate Alizadeh
    Child’s Play
    A small child takes us on an auditory tour of her home in this delightful picture of family life, ingeniously interpreted through its sounds. It's a book that radiates comfort, security, warmth and love.
  • Silver

    by Walter de la Mare
    Faber & Faber
    This beautifully illustrated version of Walter de la Mare's classic poem about the moon's night-time adventures is sure to help your little ones nod off, thanks to its gorgeous colours and soft rhythm.
  • Beep Beep Beep Time For Sleep!

    by Claire Freedman and Richard Smythe
    Simon & Schuster
    This bedtime book with a difference will appeal to digger-mad little ones as it follows the busy vehicles working on a motorway - at least, that is, until night falls and they can get some much-needed rest.
  • Goodnight Everyone

    by Chris Haughton
    Walker Books
    The visuals are the main appeal of this beautiful bedtime book, which explodes with a fantastic pink-and-purple starry colour palette, as well as having a simple and lulling bedtime story that will help little ones yawn along.
  • Bedtime with Ted

    by Sophy Henn
    Little ones will love following the story of Ted's night-time routine - from splashing in the bath with penguins to having some milk with a tiger - in this colourful board book with flaps.
  • Baby Sparkle: Bedtime

    by Dorling Kindersley
    This simple board book about settling down for the night is a perfect accompaniment to a regular bedtime routine for babies, especially as they can follow along with the glittery detailing.
  • Dave's Cave

    by Frann Preston-Gannon
    Nosy Crow
    Dave the caveman has a great cave... but could he find an even better one? This amusing picture book conveys the simple message that there's no place like home in a witty new way.
  • A Great Big Cuddle

    by Michael Rosen and Chris Riddell
    Walker Books
    Beautifully illustrated poems for young children by two Children's Laureates
  • Hush... Little Bear is Sleeping

    by Surya Sajnani
    QED - Quarto
    Baby Bear is trying to get to sleep, but will the other animals stop making so much noise? Hush... Little Bear Is Sleeping is a simple board book with soothing sounds that will help your own little cub drift off.
  • Hush-a-bye Bunny

    by Holly Surplice
    Nosy Crow
    Full of affection and snuggles, this simple rhyme about Bunny's bedtime is just the thing for a relaxing good-night read.