Dyslexia-friendly picture books

Red Squirrel picture books were developed by Barrington Stoke, a publisher specialising in dyslexia-friendly books. These picture books can be enjoyed by all members of the family. They support parents who are unconfident readers in passing on a love of reading to their child by reading with them. The font, lay-out and wording all help support the reader through the pages.


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  • The Snake who Came to Stay

    by Julia Donaldson
    Barrington Stoke
    Polly’s holiday home for pets is much in demand. There are guinea pigs, a noisy mynah bird - and now Doris the snake.
  • We Are Not Frogs!

    by Michael Morpurgo
    Picture Squirrels
    Alice and Jago are playing in granny's garden one day when they find lots of toads in the long grass. Michael Morpurgo's lovely nature tale and Sam Usher's sensitive and funny illustrations bring this story hoppingly alive.
  • Mad in the Back

    by Michael Rosen
    Picture Squirrels
    How can Mum possibly drive when her two children are going mad in the back?
  • Freddy and the Pig

    by Charlie Higson and Mark Chambers
    Red Squirrel Books
    Freddy hates school and thinks that it is boring, but he comes up with clever plan. The dyslexia-friendly features make this book highly accessible.
  • All I Said Was

    by Michael Morpurgo
    Red Squirrel Books
    One of an innovative series of dyslexia-friendly picture books which feature accessible fonts, strong contrast, good spacing and uncluttered layout to ensure accessibility for all, including parents with reading difficulties.
  • Wolfman

    by Michael Rosen and Chris Mould
    Red Squirrel Books
    Wolf Man has escaped from his cage and is wrecking the town. All of the people in the town are scared and are rushing to hide indoors. The dyslexia-friendly features make this book highly accessible.
  • Itch Scritch Scratch

    by Eleanor Updale and Sarah Horne
    Red Squirrel Books
    Head lice are the focus of this fun and engaging picture book. The dyslexia-friendly features make this book highly accessible.