Books on dementia

Dementia is a difficult thing to deal with and it can be hard to talk about with your loved ones.


If you're looking for some books for children and young teens to help start a difficult conversation, check out these books, which look at dementia and its impact on families in different ways.

  • Sundae Girl

    by Cathy Cassidy
    All teenagers are embarrassed by their parents but Jude feels she has more reason than most to cringe when hers are around her in public.
  • Clarice Bean, That's Me

    by Lauren Child
    Orchard Books
    Clarice Bean gives us a snapshot of her life and family in the book that launched a bestselling series.
  • Heartbeat

    by Sharon Creech
    Bloomsbury Children's Books
    Annie loves drawing, running barefoot, her family, and possibly Max, her running partner. It’s an eventful time for the 12-year-old: as her mother is about to give birth, her beloved grandfather is sliding slowly into dementia.
  • The Lotterys Plus One

    by Emma Donoghue
    Sumac lives with her huge and diverse family. All is chaotic, offbeat brilliance until the 82-year-old grandfather the kids have never met moves in. Told with utter charm and a lightness of touch, ultimately The Lotterys Plus One is about...
  • Unbecoming

    by Jenny Downham
    David Fickling Books
    Unbecoming is an intriguing mystery, with the idea of 'living bravely' at its heart. Vividly drawn characters and a complex story keeps readers turning the page as three generations of secrets are gradually unravelled and released in the world.
  • The Memory Cage

    by Ruth Eastham
    Alex needs to act fast or his family will be torn apart
  • Back to Blackbrick

    by Sarah Moore Fitzgerald
    Orion Children's Books
    When Cosmo steps through the crumbling gates of the mysterious Blackbrick Abbey, he comes face to face with his Grandad as a young man.
  • Stonebird

    by Mike Revell
    An accessible and engaging story about the sadness and joy of family life and the power of memory, magic and storytelling.
  • Grandma

    by Jessica Shepherd
    Child's Play
    This is a sensitive and touching picture book that helps young children understand dementia.