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Time to Read

Time to Read

We want you to read more with your child – yes, even the older ones. Why? Because brilliant things happen when families read together.


All about the Time to Read campaign

Research shows the value of reading

Books to share with older children

Great Books Guide 2016

Here is your guide to our favourite children's books from the past year. You can download the full guide as a PDF or find online booklists with books for the following primary school ages: 4-5, 6-7 and 8+.


Free books to all children before they start school, to inspire a love of reading that will give children a flying start in life.

Letterbox Club

Focuses on improving the educational outlook for children aged 7-13 in foster families by providing them with a parcel of books, maths activities and educational materials every month for six months.


From the team that brought you Booked Up, Bookbuzz offers the same great variety of books for your school. Participating schools will give students the chance to choose their own book to keep from a list of 17 titles suitable for 11-year-olds and selected by a panel of experts.

Booktrust's targeted offers

Booktrust has three targeted offers: Bookstart Corner for children's centres; The Ant Club for primary schools; and Beyond Booked Up for secondary schools.

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