BBC National Short Award 2014 - Shortlist

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Tessa Hadley - Bad Dreams


Tessa Hadley's Bad Dreams elegantly and precisely captures the moment when a child's unexpected awakening exposes the unease and isolation lurking beneath the surface of her home life.


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Francesca Rhydderch - The Taxidermist's Daughter


Francesca Rhydderch's The Taxidermist's Daughter brilliantly depicts a young girl in post-war rural Wales first becoming aware of her sexuality and the attractions of an older man.



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Lionel Shriver - Kilifi Creek


In Kilifi Creek, Lionel Shriver takes as her subject a young gap year traveller's brief encounter with mortality. Wry, witty and understated, this is a masterly meditation on how we react to what life might have in store for us.



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Zadie Smith - Miss Adele Amidst the Corsets


In Zadie Smith's Miss Adele Amidst the Corsets an ageing American performer comes face-to-face with a multitude of resentments while buying undergarments on the East Side of New York City. This is a short explosive encounter, but one with deep reverberations.



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Rose Tremain - The American Lover


In Rose Tremain's The American Lover an English woman recalls the prolonged anguish of a transfiguring, disfiguring love affair. This is an intensely moving story of a life lost to love.




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