Get inspired: Pyjamarama tips and ideas

Planning a Pyjamarama celebration and looking for a bit of inspiration? You've come to the right place!

For schools and nurseries, we've created a letter that you can photocopy and send home to tell parents and carers all about Pyjamarama. You'll also find these Early Years and Primary letters in the downloadable packs.

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If you’ve signed up to Pyjamarama, you'll receive a free pack filled with brilliant fundraising and activity ideas. If it's a bit more inspiration you're after, we’ve put together an extra bundle of great suggestions to help you plan your celebration.

There are crafts, games and storytimes to suit different ages and group sizes, so feel free to mix and match the ideas that fit your setting to maximise the fun!

  • Make a week of it As well as having your fun day in PJs on Friday 14 May, why not dedicate the whole week to stories, and plan activities each day to get children excited about books and reading
  • Picnic in your PJs Grab some mats and tasty snacks, and create a fun picnic area indoors - or outside, weather permitting
  • Pyjama penalty shoot-out How many times can you beat the goalie in your PJs?
  • Sleeping Lions in PJs Every adult’s favourite children’s game. Have everyone lie down and pretend to be a sleeping lion – if you move, you're out!
  • Musical statues/bumps in PJs A fun game that everyone loves, and it’s even more fun in your PJs

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  • The giant pyjamas challenge Draw the outline of some massive PJs and get the whole class or group to decorate them. You could also download our pyjama colouring sheet and encourage the children to design their own
  • Pyjama-themed Heads, Bodies and Legs drawing game Grab some paper and pencils and see who can create the silliest creature in pyjamas. Find out how to play this fab and funny game here
  • Puzzle and colour Use the Where I Sleep and Rhyming Pairs activity sheets from your pack, and get little ones puzzling and mark-making. For older children, you can use the Make Your Own Bunting and Wordsearch activities, which you'll also find in your pack

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And finally...

  • How it ends Read the class or group a short story and ask everyone to come up with a different ending
  • Make up your own bedtime story Gather together in your groups, get comfy and make up your own bedtime story (ghosts optional)
  • Bedtime readathon Get together and read your favourite bedtime stories to each other
  • At the end of the day Save time for a story at the end of the day and encourage the children to go home and read with their parents or carers that evening

We'd love to see your Pyjamarama ideas, too. Pop over to our Facebook or Twitter - using #Pyjamarama - to share them and to see what others are getting up to.

How your money helps

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With your help, BookTrust can help Lee and his mum, providing them with guidance and books for bedtime that Lee can call his own. So they can both look forward to cuddling up together to read a story every night; which could help Lee to do better at school and improve his confidence.

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