Get inspired: activity ideas for everyone

Planning a Pyjamarama celebration and looking for a bit of inspiration? Look no further, we're here to help.

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If it's a bit more inspiration you're after, don’t worry, we’ve been busy testing even more great fundraising activities for everyone to enjoy, so feel free to mix and match any ideas that tickle your fancy!

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Ideas for schools and nurseries

  • Pyjama penalty shoot-out How many times can you beat the goalkeeper in your PJs?
  • PJ-themed Heads, Bodies and Legs drawing game Grab some paper and pencils and see who can create the silliest creature in pyjamas. Find out how to play this fab and funny game here 
  • The game Sleeping Lions in PJs Every adult’s favourite children’s game. Have everyone lie down and pretend to be a sleeping lion – if you move, you're out!
  • Musical statues/chairs/bumps in your PJs A fun game that everyone loves, and it’s even more fun in your PJs
  • Make up your own bedtime story Gather together in your PJs, get comfy and make up your own bedtime story (ghosts optional)

 Kids in PJs going to school

Ideas for parents, carers and childminders

  • Three-legged race Refresh that classic game for all ages by doing it in your PJs
  • Picnic in your PJs Grab some mats and create a fun picnic area indoors - or in the garden or park, weather permitting
  • PJ laughing game See who can keep a straight face for the longest period when everyone is saying 'Ha. Ho. Hee' repeatedly
  • Bedtime readathon Get together and read your favourite bedtime stories to each other

Ideas for Pyjamarama at work 

  • Pyjama penalty shoot-out Because kickabouts in PJs aren't just for kids
  • PJ solidarity Organise a social gathering at lunchtime or after work 
  • PJ charades Choose bedtime-related books to mime
  • Book bingo or lunchtime bedtime book quiz Create your own bingo or quiz using your favourite books

How the money you raise can help children like Lee

Lee is growing up in one of the most deprived areas of the UK. His mum has struggled to put food on the table and, as a result, Lee has missed out on the joy and confidence that bedtime reading brings.

Thanks to the help of donors, BookTrust has supported Lee and his mum with guidance and books for bedtime that Lee can call his own. Now, they both look forward to cuddling up together to read a story every night, Lee is doing better at school and his confidence has soared.   

Find out more about how BookTrust makes a difference