About the Letterbox Club

Children are enrolled for the Letterbox Club by local authorities and schools.

Each child receives their own colourful parcel of books, maths games, stationery and other high quality materials once every month for six months, usually from May to October. For many children, it's the first time they have had a letter or a parcel through the post and for some it's the first time they have had books of their own.

Find out about the Letterbox Club in  Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Key benefits:

  • Children feel 'remembered' and are excited about receiving their parcels
  • Carers/families and their children spend more time together reading and playing games
  • Children read to others and share books
  • Children have increased confidence in reading and number 
  • Parcels are delivered despite placement moves and give continuity to the child 

The Letterbox Club is also suitable for a range of children who might benefit, such as those on the edge of care, or as part of post-adoption support.

Local authorities and schools can use Pupil Premium Plus for children who are looked-after and Pupil Premium for other vulnerable children.

Letterbox Club parcels are delivered to participating local authorities and schools, who then post them to the child's home address each month, or give them to the children they have enrolled in school. Local authorities can also choose direct delivery to foster homes, if that is a preferred option. There is a charge for postage.

Find out more about the different Letterbox Club parcels for children aged 3 - 13

For more information about Letterbox Club email us at: [email protected] or call us on 020 7801 8805

More about the Letterbox Club


The Letterbox parcels contain books, maths games and stationery for children and young people to keep. Each year, the books in the parcels are selected by an independent panel of experts.

Patrons and supporters

Letterbox Club, a reading programme for children who are looked after, is grateful for the help of its many patrons and supporters – including Dame Jacqueline Wilson and the Rt Hon Alan Johnson.

Letterbox Club in Wales

The Letterbox Club in Wales delivers colourful parcels of books, maths games and stationery to looked-after children in partnership with local authorities. The parcels include specially selected books and resources to reflect Welsh language and culture. The Welsh Government provides funding for a significant number of children in care, aged 3-13 years, with places available for more children through other funding sources.

Letterbox Club in Scotland

The Letterbox Club reaches children who are looked-after in Scotland, funded by via subscription from local councils, schools or libraries.

Letterbox Club in Northern Ireland

The Letterbox Club in Northern Ireland is funded by Fostering Network Northern Ireland as part of its Fostering Achievement programme, in partnership with the Northern Ireland Government. Once signed-up each child receives their own colourful parcel of books, maths games, stationery every month for six months.

How to sign up

All you need to know about signing up for Letterbox Club.

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