The impact of Bookstart Corner

Through Bookstart Corner, families who need additional support are enabled to share books, stories and rhymes. In 2018, enough resources were given out to help 59,000 families.

'These sessions are a great way to build up a relationship with a family before suggesting other groups that would be beneficial for them.' Bookstart Corner practitioner

The resources and guidance for practitioners concentrate on the key factors that impact a family’s engagement with books, stories and rhymes.

Corner impact graphic 2

'This course motivated me to spend more quality time with my child.' Parent, quoted by Bookstart Corner practitioner

Through Bookstart Corner, sharing books, stories and rhymes can impact on various aspects of families’ lives.

Bookstart Corner Impact graphic 1B

Sources: Bookstart Corner practitioners survey, 2019; the ongoing study The Effective Provision of Pre-School Education (EPPE)