Bookstart Treasure: What families need to know

Make the most of Bookstart Treasure with this advice and key messaging to use when giving it to families.

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Mother and son reading together at the library

Bookstart Treasure packs are free for all children aged 3-4, in the academic year they turn 4.

We want families to enjoy reading together and get the most of Bookstart Treasure, so invite the family in for a special Treasure session. If this isn’t possible, send a letter or include in a newsletter to remind them of the key messages. 

'Parents and children always seem delighted to receive their Treasure Pack when they attend for the developmental review and it provides an excellent opportunity to talk about the value of books and spending time looking at books as well as the chance to talk about the resources available.' Bookstart Treasure gifter

Here are some things to say and do when giving Treasure to children and parents

1. Let the children and families know why they’ve received the pack and why books, stories and rhymes are important. 

  • This is a gift to keep from BookTrust, a charity that wants to get every child reading
  • Reading together is a great way for the whole family to spend quality time together and bond at any time of the day (like in the bedtime routine)
  • Sharing books, stories and rhymes is a great way to enhance your child’s brain, language and social development. Plus, they’ll be excited to learn to read!

2. Show the contents of the pack and read some of the book with the children.

  • Reassure parents reading together is fun and they can do it! Talk about the pictures, put on silly voices or use props
  • Talk with the children about the story, link it to their interests and ask open-ended questions like: ‘What do you think will happen next?’, and ‘Tell me what you think about…’

3. Let the family know about other local services and sessions that could help them further, such as libraries and Rhymetimes.