The Rhyme Challenge

Take The Rhyme Challenge and you'll receive all the resources you need to get children and their families learning rhymes together at your children's centre, nursery or playgroup.

By taking The Rhyme Challenge, you will:

  • Help children develop early language skills
  • Support children and families to enjoy learning together
  • Contribute towards all aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage

Download the Rhyme Challenge order form

‘Research has shown that those children who are better at detecting rhymes tend to be more successful at learning to read, a relationship that is independent of children’s class backgrounds, intelligence, and level of memory ability.'

Bradley & Bryan, 1985; MacLean et al, 1987; Bradley, 1988; Ellis & Large, 1987

The Rhyme Challenge 2021

What does The Rhyme Challenge contain?

For £20, which works out at less than 60p per child, you will receive:

  • Guidance for practitioners
  • 10 individual rhyme sheets
  • A2 rhyme sheet
  • Double-sided A4 rhyme sheet
  • Certificates for 35 children
  • Certificate for your setting to display
  • A4 empty-belly poster
  • A4 standard poster
  • CD with rhymes
  • Parent evaluation form

All resources have beautiful colour illustrations and you are welcome to photocopy all the resources as many times as you need.

Tips for running your Rhyme Challenge

  • The Rhyme Challenge is flexible, so you can run it in the best way for your setting and the children in your care. This can be from learning one or two rhymes over half a term, to all 10 over an entire year
  • Invite parents and carers to get involved, and give children copies of the rhymesheets to learn with their families at home. There are also lots of ways to bring the rhymes to life in your setting, such as by developing exciting displays and using props
  • Hold a celebration event at your setting. Invite families along to your setting at the end of the Challenge, and hand out beautiful reward certificates. You could also ask children if they would like to perform the rhymes with their parents or carers
  • Hold a rhyme session in partnership with another local organisation, such as your local library
'Families have been practicing the rhymes, once a week in the group sessions, and encouraged to go home using the rhymesheet provided to them. Many parents have seen their child’s confidence grow and their memory capacity expand.... it has become a real family affair for them, some having their own little challenges with their siblings.’

Children’s centre play worker, Lincolnshire

How to order your Rhyme Challenge pack

It costs just £20 to get the Rhyme Challenge pack for your early years setting – that's less than 60p per child – and each pack now includes a fantastic rhyme CD to help your Challenge go with a swing. To get yours, just click on the link below to download the order form.

Download the Rhyme Challenge order form

Rhyme Challenge illustration of kids singing

Families love taking part in the Rhyme Challenge

‘What a fantastic time we've had. I've really loved coming in each week and learning new rhymes. My younger daughter has also really enjoyed coming into preschool with me.'

Parent, Cheshire

'It helped my child to... interact with other children, learn songs and rhymes and learn to share and help.'


Feedback from early years practitioners

'The Rhyme Challenge helped strengthen our children's early language development. It's an excellent way to involve parents in working and playing alongside their children.'

Early years professional

'The children learn from hearing and repeating the rhymes over and over again. They had to learn ten different rhymes and were rewarded with a special certificate for their efforts. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. It was fantastic.'

Preschool manager, Wiltshire

'Several parents who took part in the Rhyme Challenge at our children’s centre developed the confidence to run the Challenge at Parent and Toddler groups they attended. The resources provided enabled these parents to offer peer to peer support to other families.'

Play and learning development worker, Staffordshire

'Before our event, many parents didn’t know the rhymes we sing in nursery. Now they’ve had the chance to learn them, they can join in singing with their children at home!'

Emma Bird, nursery assistant manager, Leicester

Illustration © David Hitch

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