Are you up for the Rhyme Challenge?

Great rhymers make great readers and the Rhyme Challenge is a great opportunity for you and your child to enjoy rhymes together.

Earn special certificates

Aimed at children aged 0–5, the Rhyme Challenge is simple, fun and free to take part in! Children and their mothers, fathers, carers, grandparents and friends are invited to learn rhymes to earn special certificates at local Rhyme Challenge celebration events.

The Rhyme Challenge 2021

Why make time for rhyme?

Rhymes help children feel confident with words and will also help them as they begin to learn. Sharing rhymes is also a fun way to build a loving relationship and help your child develop a lifelong love of rhymes, stories and books.

The Rhyme Challenge can:

  • Provide a fun, informal learning opportunity for all the family
  • Help your child develop early language skills and communicate more widely with peers and adults
  • Improve your child’s phonological awareness
  • Improve communication between your home and your child’s early years setting

The great thing about rhymes is that you can sing them anywhere - you don’t need any musical equipment, or to be in tune. Just have fun laughing and learning together.

Want to join in the fun?

Find out more about the Rhyme Challenge at your local library, children's centre, nursery or playgroup.

Illustration © David Hitch

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