Stories to share through your baby's first year

It’s never too early to start sharing stories together, and it can be a great way to entertain and bond with your baby. 

Stories are good for your baby’s development but we know that it can sometimes be difficult to decide which ones to choose and when. That’s why we’ve included some great suggestions for each development milestone in your baby’s first year.

0-3 months

In the first three months, your baby's eyes are still developing. You can start singing rhymes with them and sharing books with black-and-white images.

Why not try Amazing Baby: Black and White by Emma Dodd

3-6 months

Your baby's eyes may be getting better at focusing and recognising faces. You could introduce books with mirrors or pictures of other babies.

Why not try Mirror Baby: Peekaboo! by Campbell Books

6-9 months

Your baby may be starting to grab the book's pages. Now's a good time to share cloth books and sturdy books with flaps to lift and enjoy. 

Why not try Who Said Woof? A lift-the-flap, touchy-feely book by Yi-Hsuan Wu

9-12 months

At this stage and in the months that follow, your baby may be starting to imitate the sounds you make. Books with simple sentences will help them learn those exciting first words.

Why not try Let's Find the Tiger by Alex Willmore

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HomeTime fun for children aged 0-5

We’ve put together some fun stories and activities to help keep you and your child entertained when you’re at home.

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