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Each year we reach millions of children and families, inspiring them with our books, resources and support to get them started on their reading journeys.

Reading matters because it can have a lifelong positive impact on a child, affecting their health, wellbeing and development.

Here we've gathered stories from families and practitioners about how our work has made a difference to parents, carers and children.

Featured stories and testimonials

BookTrust packs for Afghan mums

Find out how our partners in Northumberland have used BookTrust packs to help resettled Afghan families experience the joy and benefits of reading together.

"Bookstart Baby gives parents something that feels like a way forwards”

Children's physiotherapist Fiona Osmond shares how parents reading to their premature child can bring mutual benefits for their wellbeing and their bond during an incredibly stressful time - and how our flagship programme, Bookstart Baby can help.

Louie on the magic of shared reading: 'You just see the positive outcome. Your connection to your child is so different'

Find out how BookTrust support has helped Louie to get reading with his children - and why he'd encourage all dads to do the same.

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Reading Together

Reading Together, Changing Children's Lives is based on decades of experience of working with millions of families and thousands of local partners, including health visitors, nurseries, schools, libraries and food banks.

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