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Booktime, 2005-2015, was a national programme encouraging families to read together providing a free book pack to every Reception aged child in England and Wales.

Booked Up

Booked Up was a national programme that ran for five years from 2007 - 2011. It gave every 11-year-old in England the chance to choose a free book during their first term at secondary school. The aim was to encourage reading for pleasure and independent choice.

Read for My School

The competition was free for all primary schools in England and challenged children in Years 3-8 attending primary and secondary schools in England to read as many books as they could across the spring term. Prizes were available for pupils and for schools taking part in the competition, at regional and national levels.

The Write Book

The Write Book was a project for Year 5 teachers run by BookTrust from 2013-2015. It supported teachers in four primary schools to run whole-of-year-5 writing projects inspired by classic or popular children's books, enabling pupils to respond creatively to high quality children's fiction and nonfiction texts.

Stories Tour

The Once upon a time tour ran from November 2013 to April 2014. We took the family story show to over 45 venues and more than 1500 children, before providing storytelling training to over 100 venue staff and volunteers.

Everybody Writes

Everybody Writes ran for 4 years until 2011 providing teachers with innovative ideas and practical resources to help them run projects to get children in primary and secondary schools excited about writing.

Summer Active

Summer Active was a BookTrust project designed to encourage reading for pleasure amongst 11-year-old children.


Launched in 2010, the Bookbite programme encouraged people over 60 to discover new authors and genres, to try a range of creative writing activities and to interact with others online to share stories and book reviews.

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