Letterbox Club in Wales

The Letterbox Club encourages reading for pleasure and learning at home. It helps to improve the educational outlook for children who are looked-after.

The Welsh Government provides funding for a set number of children to participate in the Letterbox Club each year. Some Local Authorities and Regional Educational Consortia also provide funding so that more children can benefit from Letterbox Club.

'The 'personal' nature of the parcel is particularly helpful, given some looked after children may never have owned anything of their own and it is also very supportive for carers, who sometimes may lack the materials or guidance that the packages provide. It is an invaluable resource for our LAC.' Looked After Children's Education Team - Powys

In Wales, children can receive special parcels with additional books and materials in Welsh and about Wales.

Letterbox Club boys outside with parcel

There are five different parcel sets available:

  • Letterbox Orange - for children in Year 1, to follow them into Year 2
  • Letterbox Yellow - for children aged 7-9 who are not yet reading independently.
  • Letterbox Blue - for children in Year 3, to follow them into Year 4 (Additional Welsh Learner or Speaker books provided)
  • Letterbox Red - for children in Year 5, to follow them into Year 6 (Additional Welsh Learner or Speaker books provided)
  • Letterbox Green - for young people in Year 7, to follow them into Year 8

 Letterbox Blue and Letterbox Red in Wales also contain additional Welsh books and resources for children in Wales. The parcels are available in either 'Welsh Learner' or 'Welsh Speaker' versions and the contents are selected by experts in Wales. 

Books in the Welsh parcels include Welsh language picture books and fiction, fun non-fiction books, poetry and Welsh dictionaries.

For more information about the parcels in Wales, please get in touch at letterbox@booktrust.org.uk

'Each parcel contains high quality resources that our young learners love. I have used the Letterbox Club Parcels as a way of stimulating positive communication between carers and children as they have the opportunity to sit and read with each other. The parcels provide much more than words in a book - they are gifts from people that care.' LAC Education Team - Ceredigion