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2017's author blogs

Bookbuzz 2017 author blog: Chris Priestley - A Big Box of Random Stuff in my Mind

Probably one of the most common questions we get asked as writers is ‘Where do you get your ideas from?’ Because that’s how books start, right? From ‘ideas’?

Bookbuzz 2017 author blog: Katy Birchall’s creative writing tips

Writing is hard work, you need your fuel, especially when you have writer’s block (which, by the way, every writer on the planet gets) and yes, I appreciate that most authors would not start an important Bookbuzz blog post all about the creative writing process with a point about snacks.

Bookbuzz 2017 author blog: Q&A with R. J. Palacio

A few years ago I took my sons for ice cream, and while my older son went inside to buy us our milk shakes, my younger son and I waited on the bench outside. At a certain point I realised that sitting right next to me was a little girl with a severe craniofacial difference, her friend (or sister), and her mother.

Bookbuzz 2017 author blog: S.F. Said - The epic story of Phoenix

Phoenix is an epic story about a human boy who has the power of a star, and an alien girl who is the most brilliant warrior in the galaxy. Together, they have to find a way to save the galaxy from the war that's destroying it: the war between humans and aliens.

Bookbuzz 2017 author blog: Q&A with David O’Doherty

BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT THE TOOTHBRUSH SNAKE, a tiny snake from Belgium that creeps into bathrooms and lies beside your actual toothbrush. And if you’re not paying attention and put toothpaste on it, IT SHOOTS UP YOUR NOSE. And the only way to get it down is by playing a trumpet.

Bookbuzz 2017 author blog: Adam Frost - How to make your facts awesome!

Because I write both fiction and non-fiction, I'm always hopping between the two 'worlds' of true things and made-up things. It's huge fun. It also means my fiction and non-fiction influence each other. When I write fiction, I try to make the stories as believable as possible (even if they're about a remote control that can pause and rewind Time).

Bookbuzz 2017 author blog: Viv Schwarz - Making 'Is there a Dog in this Book?'

I made two books about cats, and people asked me to write a book with a dog in it for a change. I don’t know much about dogs, so I made a book about cats meeting a dog. When I was a child, my father bought a dog, and I was quite unsure about it. That’s what this book is about really. The cats are feeling how I felt - not very happy about a dog appearing!

Bookbuzz 2017 author blog: Johnna Rizzo - A big, fat thank you to fish

The dizzyingly fast, colourful, sometimes creepy, stunning, often surprising, and always awe-inspiring creatures that live and lurk and lunge beneath the ocean waves are some of the best co-conspirators a writer could ever ask for.

Bookbuzz 2017 author blog: Fleur Hitchcock - How I wrote Murder in Midwinter

I wish I could say that Murder in Midwinter struck me as a fully formed book, all the characters mapped out and the story a clear narrative in my mind, but the reality is much less defined. In truth, it's the result of a collection of ideas that gelled together in some magic and indefineable way over a period of months.

Bookbuzz 2017 author blog: Polly Ho-Yen - On Memory

Today I was caught by an old memory I have of my mum, when I half-overheard, half-didn’t-hear, a conversation she was having with her friend.