'The Bookstart pack has encouraged my son to read with his baby brother.

Published on: 05 October 2011 Author: The Bookstart Team

How the Bookstart Baby Pack was a gift for my entire family' A parent writes...

I picked up my Bookstart Baby Pack when I took my little one to his seven month check. My first thought was that we didn't really need the pack as we already have so many books in the house that have been passed down from my older children.

Nevertheless, it was a nice bag with different stories to those we had received from Bookstart before, and so we left with the pack – happy to have been given a little present.

I couldn't quite have predicted the impact the little bag was going to have. My five-year-old had just started bringing books home from school and was very proud of his growing ability to read things 'all by himself'. 'Wow', he said to the baby, 'you've got your own book pack already, it's just like mine!'.

Whenever my five-year-old got his book out, the baby's book bag would come out too. He would finish reading his school book to me, telling the little one to look at the pictures in his book by himself for a while. When he was ready, my elder son would say, 'let's get your special book', and would then 'read' the baby his book, talking all about the pictures.

They particularly enjoyed This Little Baby and with its simple rhyming style and clear relationship between the words and the pictures. It wasn't long before he was able to read the whole book to the baby without any help. They both continue to delight at the final page when baby looks at himself in the mirror!

Some years ago I remember seeing signs in my local library that said 'Books are for sharing'. I never really thought much about that beyond mums and dads reading to their children. It has been so lovely to see how the gift of the book bag has encouraged my son to read with his baby brother.

Receiving a book especially for my baby seemed to spark off a wonderful little reading relationship in my family. The Bookstart Baby Pack has been priceless, thank you so much!

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