Before Their Very Eyes

Published on: 21 November 2011 Author: Clare Wigfall

The critically acclaimed writer Clare Wigfall became our fifth Writer in Residence back in 2011. In this blog Clare showed off her exclusive short story written for BookTrust.

Clare Wigfall

We task each writer in residence with producing an exclusive piece of work during their residency. Seeing as Clare Wigfall's residency has been a celebration of the short story, it was only fair we got an exclusive short story from here.

And here it is.... 'Before Their Very Eyes' is now before your very eyes. And you can download it for free and read it on your computer, print it out, add it to your Kindle or e-reader of choice...


Download 'Before Their Very Eyes' by Clare Wigfall (.pdf 74Kb)

'Before Their Very Eyes'

'Bertie Poyd,' he corrected, holding out a hand still slick with cold cream.

Frances stood dumb, uncomprehending. She wore a well-pressed but wash-faded linen frock, with a cardigan draped over her shoulders, and clutched a small chocolate box in one hand. The permanent wave to her hair looked tired, and her face had a fretful point to it. This was not the type of woman Bertie Poyd had instructed Front-of-House to send back to his dressing room. His preference was for fleshy blondes, although they were hard enough to come by, didn't he know it, in these days of ration coupons and peroxide shortages in the chemist shops.

When she failed to take his proffered hand he turned, indifferent, back to the mirror and peeled away an eyebrow.

'I thought you were a foreigner,' she said with bewilderment...

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