What to read after Llama Out Loud!

Published on: 10 June 2024

Finished reading Llama Out Loud by Annabelle Sami and ready for some new hilarious adventures? Here's our pick of the best books for children to read next.

Llama Out Loud by Annabelle Sami and Allen FatimaharanLlama Out Loud by Annabelle Sami and Allen Fatimaharan

The madcap adventures of Yasmin and Levi the talking toy llama have captured the imaginations of many children. The series has humour and heart, and is set in a realistic world of school and a busy, loud family, meaning that young readers can easily see themselves in the stories. If the children you know love these books, do explore Annabelle Sami’s other books. Agent Zaiba Investigates (illustrated by Daniela Sosa) is a fantastic series where Zaiba and her friends solve mysteries with a classic feel, but in today’s society. For action-packed stories with a fantasy element, try the brilliant Dreamweavers, Annabel’s fantasy series, illustrated by Forrest Burdett.

Illustration from Dreamweavers: Night of the Scary Fairies by Annabelle Sami and Forrest Burdett Illustration from Dreamweavers: Night of the Scary Fairies by Annabelle Sami and Forrest Burdett 

Animals in the house 

Levi the llama is an infuriating but hilarious companion to Yasmin as he causes chaos while trying to help. Another animal who suddenly arrives in a child's life when they need a boost is the polar bear in Me and Mister P by Maria Farrer, illustrated by Daniel Rieley. What on earth will Arthur do with the enormous, clumsy Mister P, after he’s invited him to staySimilarly, in Einstein the Penguin by Iona Rangeley, illustrated by David Tazzyman, Einstein invites himself to stay with the Stewart family, with funny and heartwarming consequences.  

For those readers who’d like shorter stories, there are two stories in each book about Luma and her talking dragon Timir in the delightful Luma and the Pet Dragon series by Leah Mohammed, illustrated by Loretta Schauer.  

For more funny toys coming to life, the Spy Toys series by Mark Power, illustrated by Tim Wesson, is full of wisecracks and action scenes.  

Illustration from Einstein the Penguin by Iona Rangeley and David TazzymanIllustration from Einstein the Penguin by Iona Rangeley and David Tazzyman

Busy family 

Yasmin’s family is loud and busy. If this makes the children you know laugh, try the Anisha, Accidental Detective series by Serena Patel, illustrated by Emma McCann. Anisha’s extended family are chaotic and great fun. Meet the Maliks, Twin Detectives by Zanib Mian, illustrated by Kyan Cheng, will cause laughter too. Twins Maysa and Musa – who are very different characters – must team up to solve everyday mysteries. Meanwhile, for those children with annoying siblings, like Yasmin, I Swapped My Brother on the Internet by Jo Simmons, illustrated by Nathan Reed, is a must-read. It might even have them appreciating their siblings. Perhaps! 

Illustration from Anisha Accidental Detective by Serena Patel and Emma McCannIllustration from Anisha Accidental Detective by Serena Patel and Emma McCann

Quiet or shy characters 

If the children you know connect with Yasmin, who prefers to be quiet and unnoticed, both at school and at home, then they might enjoy the following books: Call Me Lion by Camilla Chester is about the burgeoning friendship between Leo, who has Selective Mutism, and the confident and chatty Richa. Another contrasting pair are the quiet Sid and flamboyant Zen in Dead Good Detectives by Jenny McLachlan, illustrated by Chloe Dominique, which is a spooky and funny mysterywith a cast of brilliant ghosts. While poor Olly, in Olly Brown, God of Hamsters by Bethany Walker, illustrated by Jack Noel, has to help save a horde of space hamsters (and the Earth!) and it will involve facing his fears. 

Illustration from Dead Good Detectives by Jenny McLachlan and Chloe DominiqueIllustration from Dead Good Detectives by Jenny McLachlan and Chloe Dominique

Annabelle Sami’s recommendations 

Annabelle loves funny books, and she feels that there is a similar chaotic humour in the Loki books by Louie Stowell. She also loves the Grimwood series by Nadia Shireen and the Planet Omar series by Zanib Mian, illustrated by Nasaya Mafaridik 

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Those are some of our ideas – but what about you? Which books make you laugh? 

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