Bookbuzz 2016 author blog: Narinder Dhami, the inspiration for 13 Hours

Published on: 13 October 2016 Author: Narinder Dhami

Narinder DhamiI often get asked where I get the ideas for my stories. It's not an easy question to answer!

There are so many different ways to find inspiration. Sometimes a story will jump into my head fully-formed from start to finish (love when that happens!), and half the time, I never know where it's come from.

Other times I might start thinking about a character who's a little bit quirky or odd, and then the story grows from that character and evolves into a book. Or a random bit of plot will pop into my head and I think 'That would be a great twist if I could work it into a story', and off my mind goes again.

Quite often I'm inspired by stuff I see, hear or read about in real life. This was exactly what happened with 13 Hours. I'd read magazine stories and online articles about young carers - children and teens of all ages who look after a parent, sibling or grandparent on a daily basis. I was filled with total admiration for all these young carers and everything they do, and one day I realised I wanted to write a story about one of them.

13 Hours is that story.

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13 Hours

Author: Narinder Dhami

Twelve-year-old Anni never really questions why her frightened, ill mother won't leave their once grand but now dilapidated house - until, one day, her mum's worst fears are realised. An exciting, page-turning story.

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