Katie Scott on Animalium and being nominated for a Blue Peter Book Award

Published on: 03 February 2015

Katie Scott/AnimaliumFirst of all, congratulations on making the Blue Peter Book Awards 2015 shortlist! What's it like being nominated for a Blue Peter Book Award?

Really wonderful. I like this award in particular because it's voted for by the children.

Can you tell us something no one knows about Animalium?

One of the primates has an uncanny resemblance to my dad.

Do you think you would have enjoyed judging a book award when you were in school?

Yes certainly a picture book. I was very opinionated about what made good book illustration when I was a kid. I hated artwork that was naive, or drawn to look as though a child had done it. I wanted beautiful, amazing illustration that showed something to aspire to.

The Blue Peter Book Awards turn 15 this year - which books were you reading when you were 15?

The Hobbit maybe? Now I'm a big Tolkien fan, but at 15 I think The Hobbit was the only one I could get through.

If children enjoyed reading your book, what would you recommend they read next?

I own a wonderful book called The Human Body, illustrated by Cornelius De Witt. It's from the 50's (I think) and has the most beautiful artwork detailing the inner workings of the body. For a child interested in natural sciences I think that would be a great addition to the bookshelf.

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Author: Jenny Broom Illustrator: Katie Scott

Quirky yet authoritative, this book is bursting with information to engage young naturalists, whilst the spectacular illustrations in a rich colour palette give it real 'wow' factor.

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