The Spectacular Tale of Peter Rabbit: A review

Published on: 29 September 2014 Author: Laura Jackson

Laura Jackson and her book-loving familyIn celebration of Emma Thompson's reading of her new book, The Spectacular Tale of Peter Rabbit today at a library in Manchester, Laura Jackson and her book-loving family all gathered to read and review Peter's latest adventure.

In Peter's latest adventure, he and Benjamin go to the fair, but Peter is taken by a little girl, who thinks he is a stuffed toy.

My four children (and I!) have long enjoyed the stories of Beatrix Potter, most especially the respective Tales of Jemima Puddleduck, Tom Kitten and Mrs Tiggy-Winkle.

To my shame, I must admit that I have seldom exposed them to Peter Rabbit himself due to an old and embarrassing, but none the less real, terror of Mr McGregor's garden!! As a small child, I used to tiptoe in fear past my teenaged aunts bedroom, simply because I knew that the bottom shelf of her packed bookcase held the book containing Mr McGregor's garden!

I think Emma Thompson's reimagining of such well loved characters is successful on all levels, the beautiful illustrations evoke similar feelings of warm nostalgia, and as one would expect from Peter Rabbit, we find moments of perilous danger ( though personally I don't feel QUITE so petrified in Flossie's bag, as I did in Mr McGregor's watering can, which as far as I'm concerned, is a big positive!)

All the family gathered round eagerly to listen to The Spectacular Tale Of Peter Rabbit, telling me off in no uncertain terms when they couldnt each see every illustration!

My 6-year-old was furious at Peter and Benjamin for not listening to Mrs Rabbit, in his words 'they might NEVER have seen their families EVER again, and just because they didn't LISTEN!', and he thought it was really scary when the little girl chose Peter. The 4-year-old disagreed though, and said it wasn't very scary because Peter would have been able to get away even if he ended up at the little girl's house, though he thought Peter SHOULD have just jumped out of the bag straight away. Everybody disagreed quite strongly when the Dad claimed that 'one toy's as good as any other' and I think the general consensus was that the Dad 'didn't know anything about toys'.

My girls, aged 8 and 10, loved the description of the funfair, and understood Peter's wanting to stay confined a little longer to get a turn on the Merry-Go-Round, but they were surprised at how 'naughty' the book seemed with the bunnies being so disobedient and Mrs Rabbit not really reprimanding them - my sons however had no problem with that!!

Everybody enjoyed the story, fought over who got to look at it after I'd read it aloud and decided that it was fun and exciting.

A beautifully illustrated, and lovingly told, bedtime (or anytime!) story that my children would happily recommend to ANYONE!

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