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Published on: 10 Tachwedd 2010 Author: Polly Dunbar

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Welcome to my sketchbook!

As a child I remember my dad saying to me that you don't have to show anyone your notebooks; they are just for you and your own private thoughts. By 'anyone' he meant family and friends. Well, that was a relief. I could say, do, think, draw what I liked, without judgement or approval.

Of course this became more important as I got a little older. Like most young teenagers I wrote KEEP OUT and TOP SECRET and kept my sketchbooks locked up under the floor boards. This meant they were suddenly far more enticing and a gained a wholly uninvited readership, namely my brother and his friends.

How times have changed. Now I am being asked to invite the whole world into my notebook - except that it's called a blog. I feel torn between COME IN... KEEP OUT... COME IN... but.....hmm. Being writer/drawer in residence will be an interesting experience!

Disconcertingly, I'm obliged to have an exciting life so that I have good stuff to write about. Should the exciting life fail to materialise, I will become extra inventive and spin some good yarns. I shall try to include romance, adventure, espionage and some nice illustrations.

In my next post, in true 'back to school' form I'm going to tell you what I did in my summer holidays...

...coming soon!

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