Take an exclusive peek at Abi Elphinstone's Christmas story

Published on: 9 Rhagfyr 2016 Author: Sophie Offord

Here's your chance to read an extract from 'The Snow Dragon' - all about a little girl called Phoebe, who just wants one moment of magic on Christmas Eve.

 Winter Magic

Abi Elphinstone's short story is part of a book called Winter Magic: a collection of frosty, magical short stories that are perfect for dipping into on cold winter nights.

The collection includes stories from Piers Torday, Katherine Woodfine, Jamila Gavin and more.

Author Abi is known for her exciting book and series, The Dreamsnatcher - and she's also been busy compiling these stories.

You can read Abi's opening story below, or download it as a PDF.

The Snow Dragon extract

The Snow Dragon extract

The Snow Dragon extract

The Snow Dragon extract

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