Have some fun: Chris Riddell’s illustrations in search of a story

Published on: 21 Gorffennaf 2013 Author: Chris Riddell

Chris Riddell’s illustrations in search of a story              

We'd like to say thanks to Chris Riddell for all the fun he's brought to our Writer in Residence blog over the past six months. As Chris Riddell's time as Book Trust Writer in Residence has come to an end, he leaves us with an amazing resource to help spark your creativity: Chris Riddell's illustrations in search of a story. Chris Riddell had a sketchbook full of illustrations, but they were just that: pictures without a story.

Can you create a story for these characters? We have three sets of illustrations for you to download, for ages 5 and up. Each illustration is in need of a story, but they are also great to colour in as well!

We have one more treat in store for you... you can also make your own little book, together with Chris Riddell - he's made the illustrations, can you write the story? Just download the illustrations, print them out on a sheet of A4 or A3 paper, follow our instructions for folding the paper into a book, and write your story!

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