Letterbox Club parcels

Children usually receive their parcels from May to October, providing support over the summer holidays as well as supporting transition to the next school year.

Letterbox Club parcels 

 There are six different parcel sets:

  • Letterbox Purple - for children aged 3-5 in the Early Years Foundation Stage
  • Letterbox Orange - for children in Year 1, to follow them into Year 2 (age 5-7)
  • Letterbox Yellow - for children aged 7-9 who are not yet reading independently; maths games focus on counting up to ten
  • Letterbox Blue - for children in Year 3, to follow them into Year 4 (age 7-9)
  • Letterbox Red - for children in Year 5, to follow them into Year 6 (age 9-11)
  • Letterbox Green - for children in Year 7, to follow them into Year 8 (age 11-13)

If you've got a child who is working at a lower or higher level, you can choose the parcel set that will suit them most.

Letterbox Club red pack contents


Books for the parcels are carefully selected by an independent panel of experts each year. A range of different genres is included, such as: fairy tales, classic and contemporary stories, picture books, novelty/joke books, poetry, non-fiction and audio books. 

The panel aims to select the most appropriate, best-written, illustrated and designed books for the parcels. This includes books that capture interest and imagination and that stimulate a dialogue between children and their carers/parents. The panel tries to select books that reflect the diversity of life in the UK.

Maths games

Children in the Letterbox Club receive at least one maths game in each of their parcels. The games focus on number and arithmetic and are provided at a suitable level for children receiving each colour parcel.

To make it fun, the parcels also contain extra materials to play the games, such as dice, coloured counters and token bank notes and coins!


A range of items is included which encourage writing and drawing, and support independent learning at home. All items comply with national and international safety standards.

Many local authorities and schools also choose to add local information to the parcels, such as:

  • How children can join their local library, including a library membership card
  • Local schemes or competitions that children can take part in e.g. summer reading schemes or library activity days

Parcel contents shown for example only and will vary.

For more information about the Letterbox Club parcels, please call 020 7801 8805.

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