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Lockdown has been very challenging for families and has limited many children’s access to education. To help all children have access to books and the life-changing benefits that reading brings, BookTrust has created a range of care packages which are being given out in local communities.

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Not all families are lucky enough to have lots of books for their children in their homes, and with schools and libraries still closed for many, it is vital that children can continue to have access to a variety of books and stories to read and to share during lockdown to make sure they don’t fall behind over the coming months.

New research shows that reading and traditional children’s activities surge in lockdown – but a significant minority are at risk of falling behind

BookTrust has been working with our community partners to provide packages of books which are being given out through schools, children’s centres, foodbanks and community groups. Grouped into different age groups, community partners can select packages for early years, primary or secondary aged children. Registration will be opening again soon.
 You can email us with any queries.

We remain incredibly thankful to our partners who have become local community champions in distributing the books to families in safe and innovative ways to ensure that fewer children miss out on the benefits of shared reading.

'We are all in this together, and yet the impact of lockdown is not shared equally,’ said Diana Gerald, BookTrust CEO. 'Reading, and shared reading not only enables children to escape to fantasy worlds; it also supports language development, communication skills and confidence, and can be hugely reassuring in a world that for many is now very challenging. Getting books to famlies has always been important; now, getting them to families in struggling circumstances is absolutely mission critical.'

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Please support our work if you can with a donation to BookTrust to help make sure that more children can receive books and support, now and over the coming months.

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