Bookstart Treasure pack

Each year, Bookstart Treasure packs reach 600–650,000 families in England with a child aged 3-4.

Packs are given to families by early years practitioners in nurseries, playgroups and other settings to help every child become a confident and enthusiastic learner.

Inside is a picture book for families to share, plus a friendly booklet with tips and ideas for reading together.

Bookstart Treasure pack Octopants Jan 2020

Benefits of gifting the Treasure pack

Bookstart Treasure builds on the impact of Bookstart Baby, and supports children and families to experience the joy of reading and its associated benefits. Gifting the packs supports all children and families, with more pronounced impacts on families who are not already book-sharing.

Gifting Bookstart Treasure at your setting will contribute to the work you do by:

Supporting children to develop or sustain a love of reading
  • 69% of practitioners said that it increased all or most children’s interest in and enjoyment of books
  • 'The arrival of the book packs always causes great excitement and this generates opportunities to foster a love of books/stories.' (Early years practitioner, Reading)
Supporting regular shared family reading 
  • 48% said it promoted shared reading as part of a daily routine, with a further 40% reporting this for ‘some’ parents
  • 'I have children who would not sit for a story and parents who have never encouraged this due to them feeling that their [child] is too young… through Bookstart, they now are able to sit and love books being shared by [parents] whose confidence in sharing a book has grown.' (Children’s centre teacher, London)

Dad and boy reading

Increasing access to books, supporting book ownership and developing an inclusive reading environment
  • 51% of practitioners said that Bookstart Treasure increased access to books for all or most families, with a further 37% reporting this for ‘some’ families
  • 'Families have reported that their child likes having ownership of the books and that they are just for them. Even if the household already has lots of books or uses the library, having more books and their own special books is important.' (Bookstart Coordinator, Hertfordshire)
  • 'It further enables children to talk about the books that they have, and to talk about the books with each other because they all have the same books.' (Early years practitioner, West Midlands)
Building relationships between families and your setting
  • 73% of practitioners said it provided a fun way for all or most parents/carers to spend time with their child
  • 85% of practitioners said it had helped them develop a relationship with parents, and 84% said it helped to establish a relationship with parent
  • 'Great method of building relationships with families.' (Children’s centre teacher/practitioner, Norfolk)
Engaging children and families with local libraries where they are supported to continue their reading journey
  • 73% of practitioners said that the packs had helped them to signpost parents/carers to the library
  • 'We now have a group of families accessing the local library for Rhymetime - all this is linked to the Bookstart programme. Instead of the library and the borrowing of books being limited to a certain part of the community, it is now normal for any family to access.' (Centre Manager, Doncaster)

Please note that books contained within the packs may differ from those pictured.

More about Bookstart packs and gifting

Bookstart Baby pack

All families with babies aged 0-12 months are eligible to receive a free Bookstart Baby pack. These are usually gifted by health visitors.

Bookstart Corner

Bookstart Corner is BookTrust's free, targeted programme helping settings to offer support for families so that they can read with their children with confidence.

Additional needs packs

Bookstart is for every child, so families or carers of children age 0-5 are entitled to our additional needs packs alongside the two standard Bookstart packs.